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“We Ship Future”

The largest package FACE has ever sent: After months of organizing, we were able to get this container of helpful items on its long journey to Malawi. Building materials, tools as well as equipment will arrive at the destination “FACE Education Campus” in a few weeks.

Port of destination: Zalewa
“It is difficult to say exactly when the container will arrive,” says Juri Reider, who is responsible for the container shipment. “We hope that it will arrive in Zalewa before the end of the first half of the year.” Especially for the new branch of education – practical vocational training – an early arrival is of advantage.

A container full of opportunities
“For the educational campus, it means that a variety of new tasks can be started, new fields of work will open up and the overall quality of teaching will be improved,” explains Juri Reider. School furniture that has been taken out of service in Germany, such as chairs, tables, blackboards and teaching materials, is given a second chance at the Education Campus.

New professions with prospects
In the long term, the education campus wants to put itself on a broader footing and offer apprenticeships as early as this year. To this end, the container also brings powerful machines and special tools that will form the basis for this. A carpentry workshop and a motor vehicle repair shop will be home to handicraft professions.

Hot meals every day
In addition, the complete open-plan kitchen will provide the long-awaited basic supplies for the students. A hot meal will then await each grade in the school cafeteria every day.

The basic framework for growth
To improve the overall facilities on the educational campus, the container includes other useful items such as water pumps, a welder, a power generator, a lifting platform and scaffolding. Even the emptied container will be able to be used as storage space on the educational campus. This will allow the educational campus to continue to grow on a healthy foundation.