we have a vision

As an educational organization for sustainable development, we support young people in developing countries, regardless of skin color, origin, gender and religion, to develop their character and find their way to economic independence. To achieve this, FACE forms an international network of private, public, ecclesiastical and corporate supporters. We draw the motivation for our work from our Christian faith and the principle of charity.

Our principles
To achieve our goal, FACE has adopted the following guiding principles:
FACE relies on Christian values in all of its activities.
FACE spreads the idea of “helping people to help themselves” and constantly acquires new supporters.
FACE gives the highest possible priority to the interests and needs of those in need in all its projects.
FACE promotes the gradual development of its local and on-site staff through seminars and personal coaching.
FACE invests in the identification of its staff with the association.
FACE is open and transparent in all of its activities.

Our approach
Our goal is to particularly empower young people, with limited access to education, to stand on their own two feet – individually and economically – and to make a positive contribution to their communities.

We empower people by investing in their education and development over the long term and nurturing their talents. It is not enough to provide funds to address immediate needs. Rather, we empower them to stand on their own two feet in the long term instead of falling into lifelong dependency. To enable young people to become self-reliant, we also provide financial start-up capital on fair terms. However, young people should not only be enabled to provide for themselves and their families, but should also be able to develop into courageous role models and helpful neighbors, leaders and masterminds.

We are committed to holistic education that is used for the benefit of the community. Education is not a value in itself, but can be used for different purposes. Knowledge does not only mean development, but can also be misused for manipulation and exploitation at the expense of the community. To understand poverty only as a material problem, which can be eliminated by the necessary know-how, therefore seems too short-sighted to us.

In addition to technical education, we impart values such as charity and integrity in our projects. Man’s responsibility before his Creator and for the welfare of his fellow man leads to a life-affirming and helpful attitude. Recognizing his God-given human dignity gives him inner strength and readiness for change.
Based on our belief in the Christian ideology and its values, we support young people regardless of their religion or worldview. The values we teach also determine our work within the association.

We work closely with local employees. They know the issues that move their culture, know their dreams, their challenges, and existing solutions. They know the needs of their neighbors and the potential that lies within them. And last but not least, they speak the language – linguistic and cultural – of those we support.

We offer our local employees the space to use their potential for the benefit of the young people, to contribute their own ideas and to shape projects. At the same time, we stay in close contact with them by supporting them with ideas, resources and sustainable structures. We enable them to continuously develop in their field of activity.

We ensure that we deal with our local partners is on an equal footing and in a culturally sensitive manner.

We use proven concepts and test new ones to accompany young people into a self-determined life. We are convinced that education in particular is a key to this. For this reason, we are committed to school development in developing countries. Through free basic and secondary education, we are investing in the next generation for the long term. Through vocational, practical training, we give them the tools they need to become economically self-sufficient. We also support talented young people on a permanent or ad hoc basis if they decide to pursue an academic career. For others, who are skilled in the commercial sector, we provide financial start-up capital, but always coupled with educational courses and training. Our investment is always linked to the hope that it will spread, that those we support will pass on and increase what they have received.