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What to do about Deforestation and Forest Degradation?

Green lighthouse for Zalewa

Malawi’s trees are in a tough spot: villagers and farmers use even healthy trees for firewood, without considering the long-term ecological impact. Even naturally sprouting saplings can’t stand up to clearing and other adversity. The result? The area around Zalewa has no forests left.

Education is the best way to combat mismanagement. FACE is therefore actively combating deforestation in Zalewa in a variety of ways: By building a tree nursery on its own campus, students can be taught about sustainable care and handling of trees in a very practical way right from the start. In addition, a green lighthouse is being created as a visible example of how important sustainable forestry is.

Pumping river water, saving fresh water

In order to meet the increasing demand for water from the agricultural projects as well as new sanitary facilities, the educational campus needs more water. The plan to pump water for irrigation from the nearby Shire River is not far from implementation. With the village elders also supporting the project and clearing the way for the water pipeline and pumping station, the only thing missing is funding for the pumping station and installation work. Afterwards, the irrigation would be secured in the long term without using the precious drinking water for it.

Anyone who would like to support the project to secure the water supply at the educational campus can do so by making a donation.