Three steps to become a sponsor

Become a sponsor and invest in the education of young people in the long term. As a FACE sponsor, you not only support the development of an extensive educational campus, but also give young Malawians a future perspective. Open up new paths for young people in just three steps:

1. Area and Amount
Decide for an area that you want to support monthly and set the amount of your donations.

2. Debit Mandate
Fill out the online form that gives us your direct debit mandate.

3. Stay up to date
We keep you up to date on current developments in the field of education and your personally supported area.

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Three ways to support FACE long term

With a class, teacher, or construction, you help us cover our running costs and make long-term investments in one of these areas. Each of these building blocks is an integral part of the FACE Secondary School.




Your monthly contributions are considered donations and you get a donation certificate from us once a year. The direct debit procedure can be terminated at any time by you. We are always here for you in case of questions, uncertainties and suggestions.

FACE educational projects in the Philippines

With a student or teacher sponsorship, you can financially secure young Filipinos on the FACE educational project in the Philippines. Your regular donations promote the development of young students and strengthen the project in the long term. Covering ongoing costs, as well as the sponsored students and teachers, gives planning security.