Give perspective

A future with perspective for a young generation without a chance? FACE Secondary School is the answer for students that ask, but don’t have the finances. For many young people, this secondary school is the unique opportunity to get education, despite poverty.

Education: Free and Independent

Each of our students come from financially or personally disadvantaged backgrounds. Where for many young Malawians the educational journey ends, FACE Secondary School offers a new beginning. Free of charge and regardless of gender and religious believes, FACE currently provides an education to over 100 students divided into four classes.

Making individuals strong

Manageable class sizes, and dedicated teachers encourage individual attention. This way, students discover not only their own strengths, but also use these for the good of the people in their environment.

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Recognizing potential

FACE Secondary School is located in the rural village of Zalewa. A place that hardly has any education. Therefor, in their close environments, our students only have few role models that convey the importance of education and innovative thinking to them. So, many skills remain undetected and many talents unused. At FACE Secondary School, our students are not only given the opportunity to graduate, but also develop personally.

School for Work and Everyday Life

After the four-year schooling at FACE Secondary School, new opportunities, like studying at a college,  open up for the graduates. Our special focus is on life-training education. Every student should benefit-even those who do not have an academic career. Creativity, a wide horizon, and problem-solving thinking are intended to equip students for everyday and professional life. When they get jobs with which they can make their living, provide their families with a new perspective, and exert a positive influence on their environment, FACE has reached its goal of education.

Way out of Educational Poverty

Compulsory school attendance applies for the primary school students in Malawi. The free participation of the primary school lasts eight years. But the government primary schools are hopelessly overcrowded-often with 200 children per class-, inadequately equipped and often with poorly trained teachers. The level of the schools remains behind the necessary standards. Secondary education, however, requires school fees, which most families cannot afford. FACE actively addresses this need.

Bridging Class

To compensate the disadvantaged, the students at FACE Secondary School are led by a preparatory class-the so-called Bridging Class- to achieve the requirements of a secondary school. Existing gaps in education can be closed in this way. In this class, basic knowledge is reworked and in particular, the knowledge in the English language is improved.

At the moment, FACE Secondary School educates four grades, including the Bridging Class.

Bridging class




Boys 60%
Girls 40%

1. Grade




Boys 60%
Girls 40%

2. grade




Boys 70%
Girls 30%

3. grade




Boys 70%
Girls 30%