Simple and Effective- Direct Donations

Education is priceless- but affordable

Through the support of our donor, in the five years since its inception, FACE has not only been able to develop the educational campus into a place of learning and engagement, but also initiate further projects in other countries.

The development of the project is as important to us as the long-term takeover by dedicated people, who are rooted in the culture of the country. Each project is designed to one day stand on its own and to continue, independent of FACE. But until that time, FACE supports its projects, thanks to the dedicated supporters and donors.

By engaging numerous volunteers at FACE, most of the donations can be invested directly into our projects in Malawi and the Philippines. This ensures that the financial support is where it is most effective.

In addition to volunteering and sponsorship, direct donations are the easiest way to support our projects. Your donations help us to provide fast and flexible support to necessities.

Our bank account:

IBAN: DE79269910661378350000
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