120/ EUR

School books


Projektzeitraum SEPTEMBER 16 – SEPTEMBER 17

Projektvolumen 3500 €

For a child to learn: 35.00 Euro is needed for a student in Malawi, for school books and notebooks for one school year.

In poor countries, schoolbooks and notebooks are luxury for many children. In Africa, half the class of an inadequately equipped village school, reads from a single book, and only part of the class has notebooks. But how are the children suppose to learn to read, do homework, or acquire basic knowledge?

Other schools do not even take children if parents can’t afford school materials such as schoolbooks or notebooks. Our school in Zalewa enjoys an excellent reputation – of course, we would like to equip our school with schoolbooks. For 100 students, we need 3,500 euros and would be pleased to receive your support.

Education can not be a privilege, it is the  right of every child!