8390/10000 EUR

FACE Primary School

Projektidee School Supplies and Equipment

Projektzeitraum Dec 19 - Apr 21

Projektvolumen 10.000

A new Primary School for Zalewa: We set ourselves the firm goal of providing education for disadvantaged young people – this includes first and foremost children, who are often excluded from good education. Especially the primary-school-system shows a high need of high-quality education. We want to meet this need and develop a student-centred teaching principle.

As we already experienced at our Secondary School, the learning success is highest, when students can be individually addressed. We are making the same experience in the Primary School. In summer of 2020, the first year started with 25 to 30 students per class. What may sound normal for German standards, is almost unique in Malawi. But we are convinced: This is the only true-to-life way of effectively passing on education.

To start the school, we need school-supplies and equipment to ensure the schools long-term operation. Support us in building the new FACE Primary School on a healthy foundation, from which many more classes will benefit.