They are the engine that keeps FACE Secondary School running: our teachers. The director of FACE Secondary School, Philip Mwatiwamba Banda, directs the team of currently 6 teachers. With each new class we acquire, our need for competent and motivated teachers grows.

In addition to several years of college education, we also pay attention to the personal motivation and attitude of each individual. Our students learn not only from the professional competence of the teachers, but also from their way of life. Teaching at FACE Secondary School is a matter of the heart – it is not for nothing that the teachers move from the city to the countryside for this purpose.

Philip Mwatiwamba Banda, Director

“I teach at FACE Secondary School to not only share my knowledge with the students, but also the Gospel. They change in a way which can help improve their communities. The way I see it, teaching here is a service to God.”

Subjects: English, Chichewa (national language)

Aubrey Chimadzuma, Deputy Director

“I teach at FACE Secondary School, to help students gain an academic level, where they can achieve their personal and professional goals. I also want to help them gain spiritual and personal maturity, by living an exemplary life of Jesus Christ. I hope that the students will develop into people who are able to solve problems and help their environment.”

Subjects: Biology, Agriculture, Geography

Deliwe Margaret Lungu

“I want to be a part of it, when students realize their potential to change themselves and their environment. I want to stand as an example to those that lack self-confidence. Above all, I would like to use this opportunity to bring the students closer to the love of God, and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them.”

Subjects: Life Skills, History

Timothy Meke Mwase

“Since FACE has founded the secondary school, I see it as my job to teach, and serve God at the same time. I believe that God has called me to this place.

Having understood the vision of FACE, it is also my wish to give a future perspective to the less privileged students.”

Subjects: Computer, Physical Education, Pastor

Chimwemwe Nayomie Viwakwe

“To me, being a teacher is a calling. I teach at FACE Secondary School, to help students become responsible members of society. This means to educate them to be problem solvers, hardworking, preserving, and honest.”

Subjects: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Physical Science

Martha Masonga

“As a teacher, I’m here to offer students knowledge and skills to assist them in becoming responsible citizens. This will help them improve their communities and Malawi as a whole.”

Subjects: Biology, Agriculture, Geography, Chichewa (national language)