School campus

The school campus offers the grounds for healthy growth. Here our students have a chance to mature to responsible people and qualified occupational contenders. The site, stretching over 12 hectares, portrays the ground works for an ever-growing training- and educational facility: The school campus.

The FACE Secondary School that is emerging on the campus is in need of more than just classrooms. For a school marked by quality, the well-being of its students and staff, as well as chances for out-of-school development are crucial. The concept for the complete expansion of the campus already exists. Designs of German architects are being brought to reality by Malawian colleagues. Hand in hand and step for step a versatile educational campus is arising that offers living-, work-, and study space alike.

With every new year, the number of students grows. Consequently new room and space is required at the same time. Over the last years, 4 classrooms accommodating over 100 students have been built and furnished. For pleasant room climate, the classroom roofing was constructed very elaborately, allowing hot air to escape over the roof while cool air circulates  in the rooms.

Staff room
FACE provides teachers of the secondary school with several rooms used for breaks, meetings, class preparation, and offices. Places of retreat to refuel for the busyness of every-day school life.

Visitor’s apartments
For those who want to get to know and join in the work of FACE locally, accommodation on the school campus is offered. The apartments are fitted with bunk beds and have fully equipped washrooms, which make them, for Malawian standards, a comfortable place to stay.

In order for students to educate themselves in interests outside of the classroom, a library can be found on the campus. The English books help students improve in the language in which they are taught, while also pursuing personal interests.

Training Center
The training center has two main purposes. Here, useful tools and machinery are safely stored, not only for daily construction of the campus, but also for future use in the craftsmanship education that will be provided.

In Malawi, connection to electricity is not necessarily something to be expected. On the campus, every building is equipped with electricity lines. Of course functional kitchen-, and work tools as well as having light during dark nights are obvious advantages.

A nearby well supplies the apartments with fresh drinking water. With the use of an electric pump, even surrounding neighbours of the campus profit from the water supply.

Soccer Field
In Malawi, soccer games are a recreational highlight that connects crowds of people –  whether the players themselves or the spectators. The school campus now features a regularly used soccer field.