FACE Secondary School Malawi

Education, free of charge, where it is needed most. Since 2013 FACE has been implementing  fresh knowledge into young heads. Located in the Malawian village Zalewa, FACE operates a secondary school. Most students come from underprivileged families, which often makes education past primary school impossible.

But education is a privilege that should not be granted to a few only. FACE sees education as an answer to lack of perspective and poverty, and being granted a 4-year long secondary education and completing such, opens countless new occupational possibilities. Whether college or craftsmanship – a solid school education forms the foundation for many professions.

After a thorough application process, students are recruited regardless of gender and the religion they profess. Besides academic performance, we look at the motivation of the individual, as well as the circumstances from which they are coming. Currently, around 50 students can be recruited per year. It is our goal to hold the amount of students along with the quality of the school as high as possible.

Student, teacher, the school campus – these are the three crucial components that make up our FACE Secondary School.