FACE Secondary School Malawi

Free education where it is needed most. Since 2013, FACE Secondary School has been providing fresh knowledge to young minds. FACE runs a secondary school on the educational campus in the small town of Zalewa in the African country of Malawi. The students primarily come from poverty stricken families. It is therefore often not possible for them to continue their education after elementary school.

But school education should not be a privilege for a limited group of people. FACE sees education as an answer to a lack of perspective and poverty. After all, a four-year education at a secondary school opens up completely new career paths for students. Whether college or handcraft – a solid school education forms the basis for all kinds of professions.

Students are selected according to an application procedure, regardless of religion or gender. In addition to academic results, the motivation and life situation of the applicants are also taken into account. At the moment, only about 50 students can be accepted per class. It is our goal to keep the number of students and the quality of the educational campus as high as possible.

Students, teachers, educational campus – these are the three important components that currently make up our FACE Secondary School.