FACE Primary School Malawi

School education must and should never be a privilege for the few! This motto as well as the demand to bring fresh knowledge into young minds motivated us when building the FACE Secondary School eight years ago.

But already a few years ago, we noticed that many children are lacking the preliminary education at the beginning of Secondary School. Although we subsequently established a Bridging Class at our FACE educational campus, most students still do not have the necessary primary education to attend secondary school. Although primary education in Zalewa has been free of charge for several years, the quality of education is still not very good: in public schools often up to 200 students are taught under one tree – by one teacher.

We would like to offer the children in Zalewa access to this basic need and a perspective. For this reason, we expanded our educational campus last year and opened the doors of our FACE Primary School for the first time. Now the children have the opportunity to enter Primary School directly from our Preschool class.

Following the example of the FACE Secondary School, the students of the FACE Primary School were approved regardless of their religion and gender. Following the example of the FACE Secondary School, the students of the FACE Primary School were admitted regardless of their religion and gender. And also children with physical – and / or mental disabilities should be able to call the FACE educational campus their home and reach it on foot and barrier-free.

When selecting our students, we had the active support of the parents of the Secondary School, which made our work much easier in many cases. After all, who knows better where support is needed than the parents and neighbors from the different home regions around Zalewa!
This not only strengthened the relationship with the village community in the long term, but also enabled us to include the parents as part of our work by and for Face.

After verification by our social workers, a total of 280 students were selected to attend our FACE Primary Campus in two morning and two afternoon classes. What a huge success!

In addition to building our Primary School, we have created a preschool class on our campus in the last few months. Here the children can be prepared for their school career in a playful way.

With our Pre- and Primary School we now have the opportunity to decisively shape the eight-year primary school education and to support and shape the children individually. In this way, we have laid the foundation for many more educational paths – and significantly more success stories.