face – A Labor of Love

Since 2010 FACE supports young, underprivileged people to be able to live a life of economic independence. Economics students, as well as management consultants founded the non-profit organization, after they were confronted with the seemingly hopeless life perspectives of the young generation in Malawi. Motivated by the lasting impressions, they developed the basic idea to FACE, which they tested in a pilot project.

The Road to Economic Independence

After weeks of training young Malawians, this created a bicycle taxi corporation that blossomed in the following years. The combination of entrepreneurial training, personal coaching, and micro credit defined FACE at the beginning of its founding.

Sustainable Aid through Education

The fundamental experiences led to the insight, to invest into the educational and personal development of young people in order to break the spiral of poverty. The establishment of a free secondary school in Malawi in 2013 was the next logical step as an educational organization.

More than Malawi

In the meantime, FACE is not limited to Malawi, but also wants to promote education among the poorest in other countries such as the Philippines.


FACE heute

Opening of the Sports Center

The sports ground of the education campus opens. Physical education can take place on the new soccer and netball field.

Successful Midterm Exams

The oldest class of FACE secondary school took part in the midterm exams, which every student passed.

Food for Work

To meet the growing food shortages in Malawi, FACE brings the program “Food for Work” to life.


Start-up FACE Philippines

FACE launches a pilot project in the Philippines: Filipino students receive instruction in organic farming. Targeted scholarships include the education initiative, to gain access to education of the rural population.

Educational Leave in Zalewa

FACE provides educational leave on the campus. A total of 20 people interested in culture take advantage of the offer.


BMZ Finances the Training Hall

After months of preparation, the cooperation with the BMZ (Federal Ministry for Cooperation and Development) starts. The cooperation includes the construction of a hall for technical training.

This is John...: Animation Film Explains FACE

An animated film of the design studios, “we think things”, explains the vision and motivation of FACE.

Cooperation with the Lions Club

The jointly crafted charity movie night, marks the beginning of a cooperation with the Lions Club Woflsburg.


Student engagement of the Neue Schule Wolfsburg

Students of the Neue Schule Wolfsburg get involved in their spare time as they collect returnable bottles, babysit, and clean out stables. The proceeds are donated to FACE.

First Year of FACE Secondary School

The first year of FACE Secondary School begins with 47 young people.

Empty Bottles for Full Classes

Several schools participate in the action “Empty bottles for full classes”, to support the school construction of FACE.

Instillation of the Solar Pump

A solar pump is installed on the education campus, providing the village with fresh water. The project has been previously prepared by students of the University of applied sciences, Ostfalia, Wolfsburg.


FH Ostfalia-cooperation: Social Innovations

FACE cooperates with the University of applied sciences, Ostfalia, Wolfsburg. In the next three semesters, FACE offers the interdisciplinary elective course “Social Innovation”.

Lot Purchase of the Educational Campus

With the purchase of a plot of land in Zalewa, FACE lays the foundations for its educational campus.


The Beginning of Entrepreneur Training

After a successful pilot phase, further training is followed for entrepreneurs for the establishment and management of the organization.

Recognition as an NGO in Malawi

FACE is recognized as a non-governmental organization in Malawi.


Pilot Project Velocab

The pilot project Velocab begins its work. After several months of a successful course of the project, FACE expands its activities in Malawi.