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CoronaRide – 1.000 km in 3 days

Even though in Germany we are to some extent very much affected by the Corona crisis: In other countries of the world, Corona means fighting for survival for many of those who are affected. Financial security for difficult times and good medical care are privileges of the wealthy. Together, we would like to look at countries that do not have a social system comparable to ours in Germany.

An enthusiastic team of 13 cyclists want to collect donations for needy people all over the world with the CoronaRide. For this purpose, they plan to ride 1,000 km from Flensburg to Friedrichshafen in 3 stages between June 12 and 14, 2020. The donation goal is: 100,000 EUR. With the CoronaRide they want to motivate others to pray for people in need and to give graciously from a grateful heart.

In addition to FACE, 100% of the donations will also benefit the partner organizations Contact Mission, MoveIn and OM. These organizations have many employees worldwide on the ground where practical help is needed most at the moment, for example in form of medical aid and the supply of food and clothing.

One of the 13 drivers is Florian Bierwirth, from Wolfsburg. He has been volunteering with FACE for several years, mainly in the education project for the Philippines.

Go to now. There you can meet the cyclists and find all additional information.

Here you can donate for this campaign: DONATE