The FAITH-Garden on the local university campus is a popular stop for students. Here, our knowledgeable staff have an ear for their problems, offer subject-specific workshops and tutoring. Currently, we have three staff members at the FACE Philippines project. Two of them have completed their studies at a University and can therefore best identify and provide assistance to the students.

John Raymond Lasiste
“After graduating, I have acquired the state examination for agriculture. Unfortunately I see that many farmers in the Philippines have no training and, through the financial crisis, the lack of knowledge to the right and efficient cultivation is increasing. Passing my knowledge on, I want to encourage them to fully exploit the agricultural potential. Through the students, I can get access not only to their families, but I also see great potential that they will someday change their country.”

Dave Peter Superal Calyuyong
“More than pure agricultural knowledge belongs to successful agricultural studies. I want to not only be a teacher to the students, but especially a mentor. It is important to me to build a personal relationship with the students, show them God’s love, and shape them in their development. That is how I promote young people to be a role model for their environment.”